Candidate For Eagle Fire Commissioner

Nate Murphy is a dedicated candidate running for Eagle Fire Commissioner, bringing a deep love for the community he’s called home since 2016. With a background as a US Army Veteran and an Account Executive in the live production industry, Nate is well-equipped to understand budgets, logistics, and the importance of a strong work ethic. He’s committed to preserving the positive culture of the Eagle Fire Department, and his independent, unbiased approach ensures he’ll serve the needs of Eagle’s citizens with integrity and dedication.

About NAte

I have lived in the Eagle foothills since 2016 with my wife Kelly, and my 10-year-old daughter. We love the natural beauty, the kind people, and the way of life in Eagle. We all enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, taking SXS rides in the foothills and local mountains with family and friends. I enjoy working on my property clearing brush, trimming trees, taking care of our sheep, chickens. My wife is an interior designer. I currently work as an Account Executive in the live production industry.

I am also a US Army Veteran. My military service helps me to understand hard work, to be prepared with the appropriate tools to do a job correctly, and my service also has trained me to adapt and overcome in less than ideal situations.

why I’m running

This particular office was recently vacated by a neighbor of mine, Gary Stillwell. I had a chat with him and some other neighbors and friends, about the open seat. I was encouraged to run.

  • I have always respected firefighters and the traditions they hold dear. I believe I can help continue that hardworking, positive culture that so many recognize.
  • I feel a calling to step up and directly support my community more.
  • My years of experience with budgets, logistics, and working with people, would be a positive contribution.
  • I know many of my neighbors in Eagle, and I believe I would be supported by them, in this role.
  • I am very dedicated, and I want to use what knowledge I have learned in life, to selflessly benefit all who live in the Eagle Fire District, and the Great State of Idaho.
  • I’m completely independent and unbiased and would have no allegiance to any other cause or group, except to best serve the needs of the citizens of Eagle, and the wonderful group of firefighters who serve them in a fair and honest way.

The Position

In essence, a fire commissioner serves on a citizen oversight board responsible for overseeing the financials and operational requirements of the Eagle Fire District. Their primary duty is to make fiscally sound decisions to uphold the expected level of emergency services for district residents while ensuring efficient use of tax dollars. Founded in 1947, the district is divided into three sub-districts, each represented by a commissioner, although all district citizens participate in commissioner elections. Idaho law grants the Board of Commissioners discretionary powers, including managing district affairs, handling property matters, budget approval, contract negotiation, employee compensation, and enforcing fire codes and state fire marshal regulations. Ultimately, the board’s role is to act in the best interest of the district’s citizens.

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